+ mountainous pastures… but hurry

Prepare yourself for

dramatic, jaw dropping scenic routes,

whereby gargantuan landscapes are candidly revealed during the long hot summer days, just a few months of lushness before the return of the virginal winter snows… easy tiger…Think here of

green lush meadows, wild flora, cooling

glacial springs, scented herbs and the rich smell of those fertile lands - essentially a mix of dung - those cute little fury friends – the wonderful untouched scents of rural life - beats the fumy, stale scents of the city.

Altitudinous air aplenty, this is the perfect kick

for you adrenalin junkies out there,

but also for those of you seeking egoistic ME time, or just take it all in – whatever your take, the tiny mountainous villages, towns and hamlets are all abundant with welcoming taverns, cosy rustic eateries – including some of the best restaurants in europe.

Oh… and not forgetting those fab local wines – which never see the light of day for the rest of us – as they drink it all themselves, but then again who can blame them – down yourself a bottle or two.

So get clued up on our EDIT of